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Got something you can’t live without any longer? Have something obscure in mind? Whether a special feature to your kitchen or bathroom remodel, or a unique room addition that will change daily life for the better, we love to do custom projects!

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Whether your family is expanding or you want to create additional space to increase the value of your home for a rewarding investment, you should opt for a home addition. It provides home value, convenience, and a bit of your creativity.

Four basic types of home addition


Do you have a tiny kitchen or space but don’t like the idea of adding a whole new room? A bump-out could be the perfect idea for you. A bump-out is an extension of a room. It adds an extra 40 or 50 square feet of space that you can use to prepare meals or as an additional storage area.

Full Home Addition

Full home addition is a common type of custom home remodeling project. Built onto the side of the house, it is permanently open as part of the main house. A great example of this is a dining room, a living room, a bathroom, or an extra room that creates a space for more convenience. This is the most expensive and time-consuming remodeling project but can add fantastic resale value to your property.


Want to enjoy the nice weather without going outside? Imagine sipping your coffee while relishing the beautiful sunny day inside the comfort of your home. Primarily made up of windows to enjoy the natural light, a sunroom is also a wonderful place for your plants to thrive. This home addition is often made of prefabricated materials but is sometimes built from lumber or concrete.

Room Conversion

If you have a garage or attic that you no longer use, you may want to consider a room conversion job. This type of home addition project transforms these unused spaces into something more functional, like a workshop, home office, personal gym, or extra bedroom. Though it may be pretty difficult to aesthetically blend into the rest of the house, choosing a good contractor is a great help.

Poorly done custom home addition projects can end up costing you more money. It can mess up the overall look of your home and lower the value of your property. So, make sure to leave such projects to the professionals to guarantee that everything is done correctly.

Let’s create the custom home addition you’ve always dreamed about!

Our clients are as diverse as they come, and we enjoy putting our design and craftsmanship to the test as we work with our customers to complete their interior and exterior needs.

Home Remodeling Columbus will help you with your custom home remodeling project! Fill out our free, no-obligation estimate form, and one of our specialists will contact you shortly to discuss your project ideas and give you a quote. Let us know what you’re envisioning—the project that will make everyday life easier or the remodel that will truly reflect who you are.

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