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Depending on the size of the kitchen, the scope of the project and the type of materials that will be used to create a new, fresh space, kitchen renovations take on average 1-2 weeks to complete. Custom cabinetry or tiles for example may have to be built and cut to the specifications of the kitchen before being delivered to the work site. While the average kitchen remodel cost can’t be summed up with one number, we give free estimates. Our kitchen remodel contractors can help you design your dream kitchen. Together, we’ll scheme up something one of a kind and as unique as the people who make breakfast in it on a lazy Sunday morning. We take the stress out of the process that could otherwise feel burdensome or nerve-racking. The kitchen is the heart of many homes. It’s not just a place to make dinner, but a place in which many family activities occur. Whether a place to gather when families make large home-cooked meals together for the holidays or a space the kids use to do homework on a weeknight, the kitchen is a high traffic, important space. It’s important your kitchen renovation is not only beautiful, but functional as well. Our Columbus kitchen renovation contractors will work by your side as we create the kitchen you and your family need.

Looking for a Kitchen Remodel Contractor near you?

Home Remodeling Columbus’s team of professional contractors know kitchen remodeling. Are you a homeowner looking for a kitchen remodel contractor near you? You’re in luck. We’re reliable and experienced and offer a multitude of services. New and inexperienced kitchen remodelers may offer you cheap services, but the results may not be up to your standards (and certainly wouldn’t fly with us). When you meet your potential contractors or make the first point of contact over the phone, we’d encourage you to review your project with them, asking questions about the scope of their work and experience. A contractor should never hesitate to show you photos of previous projects.

You’ve decided your kitchen needs a new, fresh look that reflects you and your current lifestyle. Where do you turn now? Find a team of contractors you can count on. Home Remodeling Columbus knows how to do a kitchen right. It can be exciting (and maybe a bit scary) to get started, but we’ll do it right the first time, to the best of our ability and to your satisfaction.

What features are you looking for in a Kitchen Remodel?

From the smallest cabinet resurfacing request to a total gut and re-construction project, our team of kitchen renovation experts can manage any kitchen remodel! Here are just some of the kitchen services we provide. If you have something more in mind, we’re sure to be able to complete your request.

Important Kitchen Remodel Considerations

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How much does a kitchen remodel cost?

While it’s hard to say exactly what your kitchen remodel will cost without first discussing your needs and the scope of the project, here are a few rough estimates based on the extent of the kitchen remodel.

Small, white, modern kitchen remodel

Small Kitchen Remodeling Costs:


A small project will usually include a face-lift and minor changes to appliances and / or materials.

Open kitchen layout with kitchen island in Columbus, Ohio

Average Kitchen Remodeling Costs:


An average kitchen remodel project typically includes large upgrades to items such as countertops, adding a backsplash, resurfacing cabinets, upgrading other large appliances, repainting walls, and more.

Clean white kitchen remodel by Home Remodeling Columbus

Large Kitchen Remodeling Costs:


A large job typically includes replacing countertops with high end materials, adding recessed lighting, replacing floors with high end materials, installing custom cabinets and adding multiple restaurant grade appliances.

When factoring costs of a kitchen remodeling project, it's important to consider the longevity of the materials and the resale value of materials or designs. You’ll want to enjoy your remodeled kitchen for a long time as well as reap some of the cost of the expenses when or if you decide to sell your home.

How can I estimate the cost of my kitchen remodel?

Homeowners should consider how they will utilize their kitchen and what things are must haves when remodeling.

If you expect that you will be using acidic foods often in your cooking, you will likely want to lean toward countertops that are not subject to etching, for example. By considering what types of material, whether countertop, backsplash or flooring, works best for you and your family, you’ll be able to narrow down the best choices for your remodel. Our home remodeling contractors will work with you to determine these factors. Oftentimes, when a customer wants a certain look but the material isn’t suited for their lifestyle, we can find an alternate material that looks and feels like the desired material. We can also help you save money by suggesting areas where we can salvage materials or perhaps use energy efficient products to save money in the long run.

General run down as to where your money will go:


Recent Kitchen Remodeling Work

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What options are available for countertops?

Kitchen Countertop Options

Granite countertop in Columbus, Ohio kitchen with warm lighting and plant on the countertop


Polished granite is still the most popular choice by homeowners. Traditional granite counters provide a clean and high-end look while providing a durable surface for food preparation. While granite comes in a variety of colors and patterns, because it is a natural material, there is significant variation from slab to slab and it requires more care than quartz. Be sure to wipe stains, oils, wines and sodas quickly and remember to perform a routine sealing once a year.

Butcher block countertop sits on top of gray metal drawers and cabinets

Butcher Block

​For a natural, organic, warm cottage look, butcher block style countertops provide a functional yet decorative hardwood surface. Ideal for high-traffic kitchens with lots of food prepping, a properly sealed wood counter is a budget-friendly option. Wood is naturally resistant to heat so hot pans or pots are not an issue. Just be sure to seal the wood properly so that bacteria from meats which can cause cross contamination do not linger in the wood.

Quartz countertop with swan neck sink in Columbus, Ohio


Practically maintenance free, an engineered solid quartz counter is stain, scratch, heat, impact and acid resistant and because they are non-porous, they do not need to be sealed like other natural stone countertops (ahem - granite and marble). Quartz is available in a wide range of patterns and colors and is an affordable option for a high-end look. Quartz is a great option for those with kids who have lots of arts and craft projects!

Soapstone countertop in black and white kitchen in Columbus, ohio


​Soapstone is a non-porous natural stone that is highly resistant to stain and bacteria. A great alternative to that natural stone look like marble as it is available in a wide range of gray tones and has subtle veins. No fuss maintenance, it does not require yearly sealing. Homeowners can choose to either apply mineral oil to the counter which creates a darker warm hue or it can be left untouched which results in a natural patina over its life.

Light brown island countertop in Columbus, Ohio kitchen


A modern countertop option, thick concrete countertops can be customized by stain color, texture mixed with different materials such as tile, marble, glass and can be shaped into anything it's poured into for a truly unique appearance. Concrete is naturally energy efficient - storing heat and releasing it when surrounding temperatures lower. A very popular option among green homebuyers, it is also extremely durable and heat resistant.

Beautiful marble countertop on kitchen island


Carrara and Calacatta marble offers a designer aesthetic with its gray-toned veins and creamy bright color. This timeless stone costs are comparable with granite but because it is porous it stains easily and acidic foods (like fruit juices) can cause etching or a dullness in the marble's surface. Regular sealing can prevent staining and utilizing a large cutting board for acidic fruits will help prevent etching and help you keep the surface looking new.

Copper dining room table with backless barstools tucked under. A bouquet of yellow flowers sits on the table.


Copper countertops are a beautiful option that adds depth, warmth, and rich earth tones into your kitchen space. Copper counters are naturally microbial meaning they resist bacteria. While most kitchen spills and stains should be easy to clean with soap and water, copper can tarnish and react to certain spills. This can create a unique look but if you prefer a consistent color this may not be the ideal surface for your kitchen remodel.

Zinc countertop in a Columbus, Ohio kitchen


Similar to copper kitchen countertops, Zinc countertops are microbial and resist stains but will develop a natural patina over time as they will react to the oils in fingerprints, spills and stains. Zinc counters are gray and metallic colored. Not a great choice for perfectionists who prefer a consistent look. For the industrial homebuyer, a zinc countertop is sure to add a focalpoint to any kitchen.

Travertine kitchen countertop and matching dining room table in Columbus, Ohio


An earthy stone, travertine countertops are an earthy stone offered in a variety of hues. Travertine kitchen counters are durable and reflect light, making rooms feel bright and airy. Derived from limestone, travertine is porous and prone to stains / etching if not properly cared for and sealed. However, it is less expensive than granite and marble so it offers value to those looking for designer style on a budget.

Beach house kitchen remodel with glass countertops with pastries resting on top.


Glass countertops offer a seamless, sleek, ultra modern look to any kitchen renovation. With ability to color, texturize, and cut glass into any color or shape, the options are endless. Glass kitchen countertops are pricier than one might think but the ease of upkeep is, well, priceless (to some). Non-porous, glass counters are stain-resistant and the most hygenic material on the market. Choose a glass counter 1 inch or greater in thickness to ensure it can withstand those heavy groceries.

Stainless steel countertop in Columbus, Ohio following kitchen remodel

Stainless Steel

​Ever wonder why restaurants use stainless steel countertops? They're basically indestructible. Stainless steel kitchen countertops are resilient to heat and are inpenetrable to just about everything including bacteria, mold and other germs. As the name suggests, stainless steel counters do not stain. No need to fret about wine, oil, acids, or even food coloring - a stainless steel counter does not stain. Perfect for chefs and families alike. The con: they can scratch. ​

Recycled countertop installed during kitchen remodel in Columbus, Ohio


Recycled countertops are bar-none the most eco-friendly choice for the green homebuyer. Made of sustainable materials such as concrete, glass, composite, plastic and paper, recycled kitchen countertops come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and textures -each recycled countertop is unique. A low-maintenance surface and durable as most do not require sealing offering, a glass kitchen counter may just be the conversation piece you were looking for.​

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