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Ohio may not have year-long sun and blue skies, making it incredibly important to catch as many rays as you can during those beautiful summer months. What better way to enjoy time outside with family and friends than in the comfort of your backyard? Be the envy of the neighborhood and splurge on that outdoor kitchen you’ve always wanted – and don’t forget to have us over when you’re having a barbeque.

A regularly maintained deck keeps your property’s resale value high, so you don’t want to leave it outdated. A deck remodel also adds more entertainment space for your guests. Plus, it gives you an aesthetic space where you can add outdoor furniture and accents to make your home more appealing. Your backyard can be a paradise, providing you natural sunlight and fresh air while looking at your lovely garden and chit-chatting with your neighbors.

Home Remodeling Columbus, Ohio, is more than just your average home remodeling company. We specialize in deck remodel and deck installation and in the design and construction of custom wood and composite decking. Live, relax and entertain in your new favorite hangout space. Our decks include expansive pergolas, gazebos, enclosures, and a slab for a hot tub if you so please! If you aren’t happy with your current deck, it’s time to get a deck remodel or deck refinishing service.

Although Ohio’s winters are inevitable, a structural deck can yield year-round benefits by turning an unused space into a focal point, increasing the curb appeal of your home and increasing the value of your property.

Do you want a deck, a patio, or a porch?

Before you decide to hire a contractor for your deck remodel project in Columbus, it helps to know the difference between some options – whether you want a deck, patio, or porch. What’s the difference?

  • A deck is usually a wood platform attached directly to the house that does not have a roof. It is widely used for outdoor gatherings.
  • A patio is often confused as a deck or porch but is an entirely different space. A patio is an outdoor area but typically paved outside the home and not attached to it. It is sometimes placed near the deck or at the back of the house. Contractors use concrete, bricks, and stone based on the request of the client.
  • A porch is an open structure with breathable walls and a roof. It is normally added in front of the home. It’s a perfect place for coffee where you can feel safe and comfortably sit without worrying about the weather. Porch materials include PVC, wood aluminum, or solid stone.

You don’t need to confine your living space inside your home. A deck remodel can tie the beauty of nature with your living space by offering such practical access while adding value to your home.

Here at Home Remodeling Columbus, OH, we provide superior patio, porch, and deck remodel services, including:

Nature Tested & Approved

Wooden decks are a popular and affordable option. Lasting up to 40 years or more, they are a beautiful addition to any home. There are different types of wood used for deck remodel projects:

  • Treated spruce
  • Treated pine
  • Treated cedar
  • Treated redwood

Maintenance of a wood deck includes cleaning, deck refinishing, deck staining, and replacement of the deck. If maintenance-free is more your style, composite decking might be right for you. Carbon plastics and/or wood-based resins, meanwhile, are equally as beautiful as wood. They do not bow, crack, shrink or warp, which means you can spend your time enjoying your deck instead of maintaining your deck!

Whatever your desires, let Home Remodeling Columbus, one of the top home improvement companies in Ohio, build the outdoor living space of your dreams.

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